Top Secret Revealed As Max Verstappen Unfold The Charm He Uses In Making It To The Top.

Gifts of any kind are precious and priceless and instantly put a smile on the face of the person receiving them. However, when the gift is something a person loves, that’s a double bonanza for him or her. On one such gift, Max Verstappen shared how it has been lucky for him.


Dutch F1 driver Max Verstappen has recently opened up on a watch he was gifted last year. During the interview with Time+Tide Watches, Verstappen shared that he was gifted a TAG Heuer watch in 2021. Talking about this, he shared, “Last year where I got gifted a TAG Heuer Monaco.”


Revealing how the $6300 watch was a lucky charm for him, the 25-year-old Dutch driver further stated, “For me, that was a bit of a lucky charm, I guess, throughout the year. So basically I wanted, you know, since I got it for the rest of the season in F1, so that was a nice one and it’s something I will remember.”


The TAG Heuer Monaco is one of the most sought-after watches in the whole world. The watch is from the renowned Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer. It is a unique, square-faced icon of TAG Heuer’s heritage and savoir-faire boasting cutting-edge technology from today’s world.


Considering the fact that Max Verstappen has been wearing his lucky charm watch since Monaco Grand Prix last year, he’s had humongous success ever since. Raking up two F1 driver’s championships and numerous race wins, the stats indeed agree with Verstappen’s words.


The Dutchman who won the 2021 edition of the Monaco Grand Prix, has picked up a staggering number of wins till the United States 2022. Leaving the Monaco win, Verstappen won 21 races out of 36 rounds in both 2021 and 2022 combined.


The 25-year-old driver who wore his lucky charm watch during the last lap title decider showdown had come out as the winner once again. After starting the race and having fallen behind, a brilliant strategy got the Dutchman his controversial win.


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