Venus Williams: I’ll play again soon but where remains a surprise for my fans

Venus Williams I'll play again soon

Former world No. 1 Venus Williams has seemingly confirmed she definitely plans to return in 2022 but when it will happen remains a mistery. Williams, 41, hasn’t played since losing at a WTA event in Chicago in August. Williams was awarded a wildcard into the Australian Open but she skipped the tournament.

Williams revealed her fans are curious to know whether she plans to play Wimbledon. However, Williams doesn’t want to reveal too much details as she wants to surprise her fans. “I look forward to getting back on the court and of course I’ll let you know as soon as I know but I swear it’s soon,” Williams said in a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

“I can’t wait. I’ve got so many questions like ‘Are you playing the French Open’, ‘Are you playing Wimbledon’ I’m gonna leave a little bit of mystery, I can’t tell you exactly when because I feel like I want it to be a surprise.

So I will definitely surprise you.”

Williams on her fight for women’s equality
Williams has become a major advocate for the gender equality and women’s rights and lately she has been doing a lot of work through her activewear brand Eleven.

“It was also our big push for women’s equality,” Williams said. “At my activewear brand Eleven we really do a lot of work for this throughout the year. March, however, is ‘Women’s History Month’ so it’s important for us to really scream from the treetops about how women are not paid equally.

If you’re a minority in the United States then the gap gets wider, so it’s something that we have to raise awareness for. We were also involved with Girls Inc. and we were able to help this organization raise money.” It remains to be seen when will Williams return to the court.


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