Venus Williams proud of her late sister: Yetunde Price cared deeply for so many

Venus Williams proud of her late sister, Yetunde Price cared deeply for so many

Seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams has become a strong advocate for gender equality and she reveals her late sister Yetunde Price played a big part in helping her become a powerful women. Unfortunately, Williams lost her older sister in 2003 as Price was a victim of shooting.

Nearly 20 years later, Williams keeps the memory of her late sister through the Yetunde Price Resource Center. “My sisters embody what it means to be a powerful woman, but particularly my older sister Yetunde,” Williams told Variety.

“She was resilient and cared deeply for so many. She centered her life in the community around her. We’re so proud of her, and it’s because of that that our family started the Yetunde Price Resource Center in her memory.

It is the charity I have chosen to recognize at this event. “The centre takes a holistic approach to health and wellness services, offering programs that help the mental and financial needs of individuals within the Compton community.”

Williams made history in 2007
When Williams made her Wimbledon debut in 1997, she wasn’t happy about the fact that she was paid less than her male colleagues. In 2007, Williams won Wimbledon. That year, Wimbledon champions Williams and Roger Federer were paid equally.

Now, Williams is hoping to see more gender equality in regular life. “The cards are often stacked against us,” Williams said. “We are paid less than men, we have to work harder to earn more respect and we are plagued by antiquated stereotypes about what it means to be a woman.

Regardless of age, race, income, religion, all women have had moments in their lives where they had to work harder to earn the same recognition or respect that men do. It’s because of these shared experiences of inequity that it is more important than ever to uplift and celebrate each other. One woman’s success is every woman’s success.”


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