We postponed our honeymoon:Days After Mini Moon, Simone Biles Shares a Frightening Moment

Last month, after exchanging vows with Jonathan Owens in an intimate courthouse setting, Simone Biles took to her social media to reveal that they postponed their honeymoon plans until next year. However, Mr. and Mrs. Owens took a little hiatus and went on their mini-moon while they were in Cabo for their destination wedding.

Recently, the gymnast pulled off the curtains from her mini-moon pictures and gave a multitude of glimpses of her vacation. Though the couple had the best time of their lives, the Olympian got scared after encountering a frightening moment.
Simone Biles got intimidated by an impromptu guest on their hiatus

The gymnastics GOAT posted a series of pictures of their post-wedding vacation in Mexico on her Instagram story. Before sharing a thread of stills, she penned, “mini moon recap”. While in some photos, Mr. and Mrs. Owens can be seen relaxing after a spa, in others, they posed for the lens from the yacht.

Interestingly, in one video, a herd of sea lions protruded from the sea and started porpoising toward the yacht. Hence, as the NFL safety started feeding fish to the sea creatures, Biles snapped a hoard full of pictures and videos. “This scared me so much”, added Biles. She further mentioned, “There was no way in HELLLLL I was feeding him”.

However, in the picture following that, she enjoyed fishing with her husband and clicked some more pictures with the sea lions. Though the couple postponed their honeymoon, her Instagram stories showed they made the best out of their hiatus in the sunny locale of Cabo San Lucas. But why did the newlyweds hit the pause on their post-wedding plans?
Simone Biles’ staunch decision to support Jonathan Owens

After getting married in Houston in April, the gymnast took to her Instagram story to reveal that the newlyweds have halted their honeymoon plans until next year. The sole reason for her decision was the upcoming NFL season.

As Owens switched from his home team to the Green Bay Packers, the NFL safety has now girded up to play in the defensive line for NFC North. Hence, due to Owens’ work commitments, the pair decided to go on their honeymoon once the 2023 NFL season ends.

However, following their destination wedding in Mexico, the couple spent quality time together in Cabo before returning to Texas. With fishing, sightseeing, and the sea lion spotting spree, for the power couple, it indeed was the best mini-moon, don’t you agree?


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