While on Set with Hubby Patrick, Brittany Mahomes Shares ‘Never Would’ve Thought’ Moment in Texas

While on Set with Hubby Patrick, Brittany Mahomes Shares ‘Never Would’ve Thought’ Moment in Texas

Brittany Mahomes has had her hands full this year. In what was perhaps one of the most exhilarating seasons in her husband Patrick Mahomes’ career, the couple welcomed their second child. Patrick ‘Bronze’ Mahomes, who was born last November, is now the newest addition to the Mahomes family. Holding down the fort with an infant and toddler is definitely not the easiest task, but Brittany Mahomes often takes to social media to share updates concerning her children.

With an army of loyal followers on Instagram, the former soccer player consistently provides updates on what her family has been up to. Most recently, she took to Instagram to share an adorable snippet of one of her husband’s upcoming projects. Here’s a look at her recent update.

The offseason has ushered in an extended period of rest for NFL stars who push their bodies to the limit during the regular season. The time that they have now also presents them with the opportunity to focus on other ventures. Patrick Mahomes, who is one of the best and brightest stars in the league, doesn’t fall short on offers, especially on the endorsements front.

The Chiefs QB, who seemed to be on a shoot for an upcoming commercial was accompanied by his wife and daughter. Brittany took to Instagram to remark on one aspect of the set. She posted a picture of a heater and said, “Who woulda [sic] thought we needed a damn heater in TX [Texas] on set😂😂” She followed it up with an adorable picture of her daughter Sterling seated in a producer’s chair.

The TikTok star was accused of allegedly forcibly kissing an older woman. Accusations of assaulting a 19-year-old waiter were also levied against the 22-year-old. While his lawyer made reassuring statements regarding the issue, they didn’t do much to put out the fiery discourse among NFL fans. Jackson Mahomes didn’t have the best relationship with fans, to begin with, and these accusations may have landed a huge blow to his public image.


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