While Patrick Mahomes Flies for Free in Private Jets, Veteran Vince Young Once Spent $14,000

While Patrick Mahomes Flies for Free in Private Jets, Veteran Vince Young Once Spent $14,000

Patrick Mahomes, the elite quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs is on his way towards becoming one of the richest young athletes in the NFL. The star QB signed his 10-year, $503 million deal in 2020, which made him the first athlete to ever sign a contract worth more than a half-billion dollars. Thus, we all know that the 27-year-old is more than financially well off and can buy whatever he wants without checking the price tag. However, as he understands the value of money, and because he’s got a super sharp QB-brain, the NFL MVP winner travels around in a private jet without spending a single dollar.

While Patrick Mahomes Flies for Free in Private Jets, Veteran Vince Young Once Spent $14,000

The quarterback is associated with many brands, but his partnership with Airshare allows him to travel in style. His collaboration with Airshare gives him access to 20 private planes without paying a dime. In contrast, while Mahomes made financially sound decisions even before becoming the face of the NFL, veteran athletes like Vince Young ended up spending obscene amounts of money just so they could enjoy the privilege of privacy.
Vince Young could learn a thing or two from Patrick Mahomes

The partnership between Mahomes and Airshare began prior to the 2018 NFL season. The association enables him and his family to enjoy the invaluable benefits of flying in a private jet. Moreover, deal also allows him to save hundreds, probably thousands of dollars on travel. While the young QB works hard on and off the field to get useful sponsorships from prestigious brands, veteran quarterback Vince Young once splashed a ridiculous amount of money on airplane tickets.

Once, when two-time Pro Bowler Young wanted to travel by an airplane, he bought all the seats on the entire Southwest flight for a whopping $14,000. He did so in order to enjoy his privacy. This wasn’t the only way he spent his hard-earned dollars. Young was addicted to cheesecakes and used to order over a hundred cheesecakes every week! But he eventually had to put an end to his love for the delicious desert because it burned a $5,000 hole in his pocket every seven days.
Patrick Mahomes is going the TB12 way in his career

Mahomes’ partnership with Airshare is just one of the examples where he not only collaborated with a prominent business but also saved heaps of dollars. Therefore, it is important for elite players to not only play at the highest level but also save their hard-earned money, and one of the most effective ways of doing so is by focusing on winning Super Bowl titles.

Recently, the two-time Super Bowl winner made it clear that his focus is solely on winning more rings and that he does not want to opt for a team-breaking salary. This way, the Chiefs can draft talented weapons for their star signal caller. This was something that Tom Brady opted for when he was playing with the Patriots and hence, along with drafting talented athletes, the team from New England was able to win six Super Bowls under TB12.

Even though the quarterback does not want a ‘bigger than everyone’ type of NFL contract, he earns millions of dollars through sponsorships and endorsements. Mahomes has collaborated with brands like Adidas and Bose. Additionally, he has endorsement deals with Oakley, Hy-Vee, State Farm, DirecTV, and Essentia Water. Moreover, Patrick was also the cover athlete for Madden NFL 22, alongside Tom Brady.


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