Why Does Lewis Hamilton’s Do Not Drive His private cars.

Monaco is a beautiful city on the northern Mediterranean coast and a regular hangout for some of the fastest drivers in the world.
The likes of Monaco native Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo have all at times resided in the glamorous spot with drivers often residing in the tax haven in their downtime between Formula 1 seasons.


But no driver is glamorous, or as rich, as Lewis Hamilton who is among the ranks of drivers known to have spent time living there.


From glitzy living situations to incredible cars and to-die-for jewellery, Lewis Hamilton’s is about as glamorous.
An F1 driver, let alone a seven-time champion, kind of has to love cars, don’t they?

But despite being the proud owner of so many incredible cars, Hamilton shocked the press pit when he announced he doesn’t actually drive them.

He said: “It’s difficult because there are people (who say) like ‘yeah, but you race a Formula One car around every weekend’.


“Some of it’s education because not everyone knows the footprint that our sport currently has and what we’re doing in terms of trying to improve that. But I’m making a lot of changes in my personal life.


“I don’t drive any of the cars that I own anymore. I only drive my (electric Mercedes) EQC.”


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