Wish I Could Relive the Day”: Simone Biles Gushes Over Her Wedding With Jonathan Owens

Happily married to Jonathan Owens, Simone Biles is still nostalgic about her wedding bash in Cabo, Mexico. After flying to Wisconsin to support her husband, Biles shared intriguing details of her amazing wedding. During a special Q&A session with Instagram fans, Biles made a heartfelt admission about her wedding.
The gymnast’s wedding was one lavish extravaganza. From the cinco-de-drink-themed welcome party to an opulent rehearsal dinner, Biles and Owens left no stone unturned to make their destination wedding memorable. However, as her marriage nuptials came to an end, Biles wasn’t ready to bid goodbye to the fun-filled weekend. Hence, when a fan asked the gymnast about the shenanigans, the gymnastics star held nothing back.
Simone Biles got nostalgic about her wedding ceremony

"Wish I Could Relive the Day”: Simone Biles Gushes Over Her Wedding With Jonathan Owens

In the Instagram Q&A session, the star gymnast revealed how the destination wedding in Cabo surpassed her expectations. “It was better than I could have ever dreamed of”, stated Biles. She further added, “I seriously had the best time of my entire life, I wish I could relive the day.” Getting the beach wedding she desired and creating memories with Rachel Moore, Adria Biles, Kayla Simone, Rebecca Delaney, Steph Magellan and other friends and family, Biles had a wonderful experience.
She further expressed, “I’m so happy I have all the pictures & videos to look back on.” The Olympian then tagged the photographers who covered the event and expressed her heartfelt gratitude. The star gymnast also disclosed how she and Owens spent the most on flower decorations. However, while answering one intrigue, Biles also shared a stressful moment before her wedding day.
Simone Biles admits an anxious moment before the wedding
The Olympic champion recalled, “I actually felt sick the entire day, and when it was almost time to walk, my heart was beating out of my chest.” Feeling tense, Biles then reached out to her mother Nellie Biles for support. Following this, Nellie Biles held her daughter’s hand to give her strength, and then she walked down the aisle toward Owens with her father by her side.

"Wish I Could Relive the Day”: Simone Biles Gushes Over Her Wedding With Jonathan Owens

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The moment was overwhelming for the football safety, as he was rendered emotional during the ceremony. The star gymnast’s admissions are proof of how she and Owens planned everything to the point to make their wedding a grand affair.


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