Jason Kelce defends Travis Kelce and explains the real reason his brother drank beer at a fake prom

Jason Kelce recently addressed the viral video featuring Travis Kelce at a mock graduation ceremony, where he was seen chugging a beer. Some fans were displeased with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s choice of venue for consuming alcohol.

The retired Philadelphia Eagles star took to social media to clarify the context of the video. He explained that the event was not an actual graduation but rather a lighthearted moment during their New Heights Live podcast. The purpose was to raise funds for the university’s NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) initiative.

“I know it looks like a graduation from the video, but this was actually at the end of a New Heights Live podcast that we put on to raise money for the University’s NIL. The university did this to poke fun at my brother and I for never really picking up our diplomas,” Jason Kelce told the New Heights Live podcast.

This clarification helped alleviate concerns among those offended by the social media post.

Jason Kelce has always defended his younger brother

This isn’t the first time Jason Kelce has supported his younger brother, Travis Kelce. Previously, Travis faced challenges during his college years at the University of Cincinnati.

In 2012, he was suspended for a year after testing positive for marijuana during the Sugar Bowl. Travis expressed gratitude for his brother’s support during this difficult period:

“When I got removed from the team, I got my scholarship taken so I was staying with my brother, I was in his room and his house, kind of like two brothers growing up living in the same room,” he continued.

“So, in terms of rent I wasn’t paying rent, in terms of food he was helping me with food, so I was literally living off him for quite a while down there and he was my lifeline.”

Travis also acknowledged Jason’s efforts to help him get back on the team: “I was trying to do the right things, and he went into the coaches’ office and talked to numerous coaches and numerous people in the Cincinnati staff to try to get me another chance to be on the team,” Travis admitted.

“I’m forever in debt to this guy for putting his name, our name, putting his honor on the line to get me another chance. When I say I owe it all to him, I really do.”

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